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Upgrade Guide

Steps to take to upgrade your application to a newer version of Roach.

Migrating to 3.0.0 from 2.x

Runs Are Now Namespaced

Likelihood of Impact: Low

A new method setNamespace was added to the RequestSchedulerInterface.

interface RequestSchedulerInterface
    // ...

+   public function setNamespace(string $namespace): self;

If you have implemented your own request scheduler, you need to implement this method yourself.

Additionally, the Run class now takes an additional $namespace parameter in its constructor.

final class Run
    public function __construct(
        public array $startRequests,
+       public string $namespace,
        public array $downloaderMiddleware = [],
        public array $itemProcessors = [],
        public array $responseMiddleware = [],
        public array $extensions = [],
        public int $concurrency = 25,
        public int $requestDelay = 0,
    ) {

It's very unlikely that your application needs to interact with the Run class directly, so this change likely will not affect your application or spiders.

Migrating to 2.0.0 from 1.x

Required PHP Version

Likelihood of Impact: High

Roach now requires PHP 8.1 or 8.2.

Migrating to 1.0.0 from 0.x

Required Symfony Version

Likelihood of Impact: Medium

Up until now, Roach supported both version 5 and 6 of various Symfony components. With Roach 1.0, we’re dropping support for Symfony 5.

Required Laravel Version

Likelihood of Impact: High

The first-party Laravel integration of Roach now requires Laravel 9.x.

Browsershot No Longer Included by Default

Likelihood Of Impact: Medium

Roach uses the spatie/browsershot package to execute Javascript as part of the ExcecuteJavascriptMiddleware downloader middleware. As this dependency is only needed when using this middleware, it is no longer included with Roach by default.

If you’re using the ExcecuteJavascriptMiddleware, make sure to explicitly require spatie/browsershot in your application’s composer.json.

composer require spatie/browsershot

If you’re not using this middleware, you can ignore this change.

Changes to RequestSchedulerInterface

Likelihood Of Impact: Low

Roach 1.0 changes the definition of the RequestSchedulerInterface. If you’re implementing this interface yourself, make sure to update your implementation accordingly.

interface RequestSchedulerInterface
    * Return the next number of requests as defined by $batchSize as soon
    * as they are ready.
    * @return Request[]
-   public function nextRequests(): array;
+   public function nextRequests(int $batchSize): array;

    public function empty(): bool;

+   /**
+   * Immediately return the next number of requests as defined by $batchSize
+   * regardless of the configured delay.
+   *
+   * @return Request[]
+   */
+   public function forceNextRequests(int $batchSize): array;

-   public function setBatchSize(int $batchSize): self;

    public function setDelay(int $delay): self;

You can view the full interface definition here.