Releases ยป core@1.0.0



Released on April 19, 2022

Note: The 1.0.0 release contains some breaking changes. Please read the upgrade guide on how to upgrade your application to this version.

  • Added Roach::collectSpider method to start a spider run and return all scraped items.

  • Added array $context parameter to Roach::startSpider and Roach::collectSpider to pass arbitrary context data to a spider when starting a run.

  • Added roach run <spider> command to start a spider through the CLI.

  • Added Roach::fake() method to test that a run for a given spider was started

  • Requests dropped by downloader middleware are no longer affected by requestDelay (fixes #27)

  • Renamed REPL command from roach:shell to shell. Use ./roach shell <url> to invoke it.

  • Move spatie/browsershot from a require to suggest as it's only necessary if the ExecuteJavascriptMiddleware is used. Remove ext-exif as a dependency for the same reason.

  • Removed default command from CLI. To start the REPL, you now need to explicitly invoke the roach shell <url> command, instead.